MBBS / BDS Admission at Army Medical College (AMC)

Admission to the AMCollege is through Army Selection Centers which is based on entry test examination held by the college followed by routine military procedures before fully enlisting candidates in Pakistan Army.
The NUST, with which the college is now affiliated, holds a separate enterance exam for its students which are not enrolled in the army and study as paying students.
The Paying Cadets are selected directly by the GHQ.
Foreign student selections are also made by the GHQ and the Ministry of Defence.
The total number of seats for each entry may vary but is usually around 110 to 120 in all. Out of these, half are for regular cadets enrolled in the Pakistan Army while rest are for paying cadets and NUST cadets. 10 seats are reserved for girls and 40 seats for boys, joining the Pakistan Army.
40 seats for NUST cadets including boys and girls, selection based on enterance exam.
30 seats are for Paying cadets, both boys and girls, based on selection by GHQ W&R Dte. BDS
course usually has 20 to 40 seats available including half of them reserved for cadets joining the Pakistan Army.

Eligibility Criteria
FSc (Pre-Medical) from any Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education or an equivalent qualification {Overseas High School Certificate/ British General Certificate of Education (Advanced level)/ International Baccalaureate} with Physics, Chemistry and Biology, as approved by Pakistan Medical & Dental Council (PM&DC). Any other combination will not be accepted.
A minimum of 60% aggregate marks each in Matric and in FSc (excluding NCC marks)/ equivalent exams. No deviation in this regard is allowed.
Age limit for MBBS and BDS students is 17 to 25 years.
Marital Status:- Unmarried till rules are revised.
Female candidates are also eligible.
The NUST admission test is held in all major cities. The date is announced each year through media and the NUST office should be contacted for application forms and prospectus.
The AMCollege enterance test [dates announced in local press] is also held each year in all major cities of Pakistan. Results are announced in the national press and successful candidates are issued call-up letters by mail. Final selection however is based on passing the enterance exam, medical criteria, intelligence exam and the interview.
The weightage of subjects in the preparation of merit lists is as under:- Biology - - 40%
Chemistry - - 30%
Physics - - 15%
English - - 15%

Foreign students and expatriates have an altogether different selection procedure. Some countries including Nepal, Srilanka, Bangladesh, Jordan, UAE, Afghanistan and Malaysia have military accords with the Pakistan Military and thus their military doctors are accepted for training in AMCollege.
Expatriates should contact their respective Pakistani embassy for further assistance. You are encouraged to directly contact the NUST headquarters or the AMCollege at the following addresses.

Fees may vary for different cadets and may be revised from time to time. A more recent layout is given below..
Tuition Fees
NUST cadets - Rs. 13,000pm
Paying cadets - Rs. 3,000pm
Foreign cadets - Rs. 10,000pm
NOTE: Tuition fees does not include accommodation charges
Accommodation Fees
All paying students - Rs. 3,000pm


Army medical college is a constituent of NUST that started working in 1998. The college is proud of imparting quality education in medicine to enthusiastic, dedicated and academically gifted students. AMS College has produced capable physicians and surgeons. AMC College is affiliated with NUST so NUST conduct the separate entry test.

Admission to the Army Medical College is through Army Selection Centers which is based on entry test examination held by the college followed by routine military procedures before fully enlisting candidates in Pakistan Army. The cadets are selected by general head quarter. MBBS and BDS courses are offered at army medical college.

Army Medical Colleges AMC Admission 2013

Admission Schedule:

Applications are invited for admission into MBBS and BDS Courses commencing tentatively during September/October each year in Army Medical College, Rawalpindi, affiliated with NUST. The admission schedule of Army Medical College will be updated here soon after the announcement of date by the medical college.
Eligibility Criteria:
You should have done FSc (Pre-Medical) from any Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education or an equivalent qualification {Overseas High School Certificate/ British General Certificate of Education (Advanced level)/ International Baccalaureate} with Physics, Chemistry and Biology, as approved by Pakistan Medical & Dental Council (PM&DC). Any other combination will not be accepted. A minimum of 60% aggregate marks each in Matric and in FSc are necessary. Age limit for MBBS and BDS students is 17 to 25 years. Female candidates are also eligible to apply.

Admission test:
Admission test of NUST is conducted in all the major cities of Pakistan. Every year date is announced through media and newspaper. You should contact NUST for prospectus and admission. Every year NUST entry test is conducted and Results are announced in the national press and successful candidates are issued call-up letters by mail. Final selection however is based on passing the entrance exam, medical criteria, intelligence exam and the interview.

Entry Test Merit:

The percentage of questions asked in entry test is Biology-40%, Chemistry-30%, Physics-15% and English-15%.

Medical College Fee:

The Fee may vary from time to time according to the requirement of the medical college. Overall Fee is given below:

Tuition Fees:
NUST cadets – Rs. 13,000pm
Paying cadets – Rs. 3,000pm
foreign cadets – Rs. 10,000pm
NOTE: a Tuition fee does not include accommodation charges

Accommodation Fees:
All paying students – Rs. 3,000pm

Courses Offered:
Undergraduate Courses:
Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery (MBBS)
Bachelor of Dental Surgery BDS

Postgraduate Programs:
Mphill Anatomy
Mphill Chemical Pathology
Mphill Molecular Medicine
Mphill Pharmacology
Mphill Physiology
Mphill Community Medicine
Mphill Hematology
Mphill Histopathology
Mphill Microbiology
Mphill Science of Dental Medicine

Medical examination of successful short listed candidates by a medical board is held at Military Hospital nearest to their home station. Written test MCQ type based on revised FSC syllabus in English, Physics, Chemistry and Biology at Peshawar, Rawalpindi, Lahore, Multan, Karachi, and Quetta will be held under NUST arrangements on given dates.

Intelligence/ Personality test and interview of short listed candidates is only conducted by GHQ Selection Board at Rawalpindi. Final Selection will be made at GHQ, based on overall performance of candidates. Finally selected candidates will be required to sign a bond to serve the Army for minimum period of 13 years. The applicability of bond will commence on completion of MBBS/ BDS Degree Course at Army Medical College. On successful completion of MBBS/ BDS Degree Course, the Graduates of Army Medical College will undergo 22 weeks basic military training at PMA Kakul.

Female candidates will join Armed Forces Post Graduate Medical Institute (AFPGMI) for the purpose after graduation. On successful completion of basic military training at PMA Kakul/ AFPGMI Rawalpindi, the graduates of Army Medical College will be granted permanent regular commission in the Army (AMC/ ADC) as Captain.

a. Age:
17-21 Years as on 1 Nov 2012 (relaxable for 3 months both in upper and lower age limit).
b. Gender:
c. Marital Status:
d. Nationality:
Citizens of Pakistan and domicile holders of Azad Kashmir / Gilgit - Biltistan. Upon final selection candidates with dual nationality have to surrender nationalities other than Pakistani.
e. Physical Standards:
(1) Minimum Height - 5’ - 4 ” (162.5 cm)
(2) Weight - As per the Body Mass Index.
f. Education:
(1) FSc (Pre-medical) with minimum 70% marks or “A” level passed in Biology, Physics and Chemistry with minimum grade C.
(2) Candidates from Balochistan, Sind (District Tharparkar, Omar Kot), Northern Areas, Azad Kashmir(Upper Nelam Valley) and FATA having domicile and local certificates can apply with 65% marks.
(3) Candidates possessing foreign qualifications such as ‘O’ Level and ‘A’ Level etc will be required to obtain Equivalence Certificate and conversion of marks from Inter Board Committee of Chairman (IBCC), Ministry of Education, Islamabad and attach it with application form
(4) Candidates who have passed FSc Part-I Examination with minimum 70% marks and appeared/are appearing in FSc Part-II/ Final Examination can also apply on “HOPE Certificates” by the Head of the institutions. Such candidates must deposit an attested copy of FSc Part II Certificate/ Mark Sheets to PA Directorate (PA-3C) GHQ Rawalpindi within 5 days of announcement of result, otherwise their selection will not be processed further.


a. “Not Recommended” twice by ISSB/GHQ Selection Board.
b. Declared medically unfit by concerned CMH / Appeal Medical Board.
c. Enrolled cadets and recruits withdrawn/resigned/discharged/ dismissed from Armed Forces (Army, Navy and& Air Force) training academies/institutions on the grounds of discipline, character, medical, inefficiency, weak profile, own request or declared unsuitable.
d. An individual dismissed/removed from any other government service.
e. Convicted by a Court of Law for an offence involving moral turpitude.

Candidates can either register through internet on website or by visiting Army Selection and Recruitment Centers (AS&RCs).
a. Registration Through Internet:
A candidate can register on website Date and time of test shall be intimated oninternet, for which the individual should have an e-mail account. Candidates will report on exact date and time given for preliminary test on computerized roll no slip. Date once given will not be changed. Candidates will also bring along documents mentioned in para 6 and will pay prospectus fee on the day of test. Candidates MUST attain working knowledge of computer.
b. Registration at AS&RCs:
The candidates may report at nearest AS&RCs for registration / allotment of roll no alongwith necessarydocuments mentioned in para 6 and the prospectus fee for completion of registration formalities. The Candidates will bring these documents on the day of test as well.
AS&RC Telephone Numbers:
(1) Peshawar:
(2) Rawalpindi:
(3) Lahore:
(4) Multan:
(5) Hyderabad:
(6) Karachi:
(7) Quetta:
(8) Gilgit:
c. Schedule of Registration / Preliminary Tests:
Registration and Preliminary Tests will held as per following schedule :-

21 May – 22 Jun 2012

Preliminary Tests:

2 – 10 Jul 2012
d. Important Points:
(1) Entry Test Candidates desirous of undertaking MBBS Course as Medical Cadets through CMH Lahore Medical College must clear UHS/Provincial entry test before admission.
(2) Candidate must mention the name of College for which applying (Army Medical College Rawalpindi or CMH Lahore Medical College) at the top of application form (page 1). Can didate can also opt for both the Colleges priority wise.
(3) A candidate selected at merit for one institution shall not be changed.
e. Written/Intelligence/Personality Test:
Written test will be based on multiple choice questions from English, Biology, Physics and Chemistry. The candidate declared successful in written test will undergo physical/medical test at AS&RCs.
f. Physical Test:
The candidates must qualify the following physical tests:-
(1) 1.6 km Run in 8 ½ Minutes.
(2) Push Ups - 15 Repetitions in 2 Minutes.
(3) Sit Ups - 15 Repetitions in 2 Minutes.
(4) Chin Ups - 3 Repetitions in 2 Minutes.
(5) Ditch Crossing - 7’. 4” x 7’. 4” with a depth of 4 feet.
g. Preliminary Medical Test:
Initial medical test at AS&RCs.

Shortlisted candidates will receive notice for intelligence/personality test and interviews by the GHQ Selection Board at Army Medical College, Rawalpindi or CMH Lahore through website as well as call up letter. Medical examination of recommended candidates will be carried out at nearby CMHs. Final selection will be made at GHQ on the basis of candidate’s overall performance.

a. Academics:
MBBS Course
5 years study at Army Medical College Rawalpindi and CMH Lahore Medical College.
BDS Course
4 years study at Army Medical College Rawalpindi.
b. Military Training:
22 x Weeks Basic Military Training (BMT) at PMA Kakul after completion of final professional examination.


a. 2 x Attested photocopy of Matric Certificate. In case of ‘O’ Level/’A’ Level, submission of equivalence certificate issued by IBCC is mandatory.
b. 2 x Attested photocopies of Computerized National Identity Card or Form ‘B’ issued by NADRA.
c. 2 x Attested photocopies of FSc Part-I (Pre-Medical) details marks certificate and “Hope” certificate fromPrincipal of college that the candidate will get minimum 70% marks in FSc Part-II Examination.
d. 4 x Attested passport size photographs.
e. Candidates who have already cleared FSc Part-II (Pre-Medical) will produce 2x attested photocopies of Detail Marks Sheets (DMC).
f. Candidates will deposit crossed postal orders of Rs 100.00 in favour of Director General Personne Administration (DGPA), GHQ Rawalpindi. Pay Order/Bank Draft will not be accepted.

Finally selected candidates will be required to sign a bond to serve the Army for a minimum period of 13 years.The applicability of bond will commence on completion of MBBS Degree Course at respective Medical College.

For more details visit or your nearest Army Selection and Recruitment Centre.

Training issb for medical cadet online

At ISSB, they are looking for alert, motivated candidates who have the potential to complete the long. Arduous and expensive training which faces all newly commissioned officers in the service. The selection board is looking for many things, such as clear thinking, the ability of remain calm under stress and strain, team skills and willingness to participate. We don’t want you to be dull or spiritless. Be honest, straight forward and frank. Don’t display over confidence, false projection or superficial behavior. Certain private institutes and coaching centers established in the country train the candidates for passing ISSB tests. You are advised not to join these for training and guidance. The training imparted in these centers is too restricted and brings in rigidity in thought process. It mars the original personality of the candidates who are caught in dilemma when confronted with a new situation.


You can tell a lot from a person’s appearance. Show us you have got a sense of personal pride.


Self confidence and maturity are largely the product of experience. You can strengthen these qualities by participating in group activities, taking on responsibility and exercising independence.


We look for people with good expression, may it be Urdu or English, clear direction, a good vocabulary and sense of grammar. Try to develop these by joining in debates and group discussions.

Academic ability

Good academic results mean you will be good at absorbing the training of advanced and sophisticated equipment. Make you English and mathematics sound.


If you have got the above qualities you will have a greater potential for leadership training. Try and seek out positions of responsibilities in academic, youth, social or sporting activities.


Take adequate physical exercise in the run-up before you report at ISSB.


You should be convincing and sincere in your reasons for wanting to join Armed Forces. Make sure you really know for what and why you are applying.


We are looking for people with an awareness of the world around them, and an interest in military matters. Discuss current affairs and Defence issues with your parents, teachers and friends and keep yourself up to date with a good newspaper.


We hope these points will have given you some idea of what to expect and that it proves useful to you. You are advised not to consult any coaching centre for guidance. It will not only adversely affect your original performance but is also likely to mar your personality pattern. We wish you all the success at ISSB. May Allah the almighty help and guide you in your future life.


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